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Truck art of Pakistan is famous all over the world for its interesting poetry and sentences. They can often be seen on decorated vehicles on roads all over Pakistan. Similarly on one such day, I came across a surprising maxim sprawled over a chinchi. It went like this: “Dil Baraye Farokht, Qeemat= Sirf Aik Muskurahat”. (Heart for sale, price: only a smile!)

I could not have agreed more.

Bearing in mind the recent attitude of boys and girls towards each other, our youth today never miss an opportunity to throw a dazzling smile over their interest’s way. And that seems to be the start of a perfect “happily ever after.”


Totally wondering why no one has fallen for me yet, what with my hansmukh nature and dimpled smile.

Some how this picture shows us the truth because nowadays you do not need to write long, expressive letters nor do you need to wait for a girl to come to her window or roof so that you can cast just one look at her.

One smile and your job here, my friend, is done.

Sooner than later, you will be receiving the aforementioned ‘stranger’’s request on Facebook, an exchange of contact numbers would take place and voila, it is the start of something newwww. *Sings in Gabriella’s voice from High School Musical 1*

See, I am sureeli (melodious) too. Where is my suitor now?

Excuse me. My point here is: it is very easy to get in a relationship/love affair now. These type of love affairs we see every where. From the malls to even in rickshaws, these puppy-dog eyed, scared-of-being-caught couples can be found anywhere, anytime.

Once my grand mother shared that she saw her husband(my grand father) on the day of marriage and even then they were not allowed to smile and talk to each other, when sitting together with a family.

I was really shocked at that. Guess that age had its own elegant charm though. The shyness, the curiosity of seeing your man for the first time, the festivity at your place.. good times.

I am not just a pessimist though. You can totally look at this picture in a positive way too; passing a smile can brighten someone’s day, all thanks to you!

And I so agree. A smile costs nothing but it surely can win many hearts. It can also solve many problems and take only seconds but that wonderful moment can last forever. It does not demand money (like the sniveling girl friends of today). A person does not have to be financially well-off to spare it to someone.

A smile can cure and heal many pains, can give light/ sunshine to a sad being, courage to a loser and can cheer up a depressed soul.  Woah oh oh, one curved line and setting so many things straight? Gotta try it!

Friends or not, it can be given to a stranger and the feeling of warmth that would swoosh past you would belie how you have known that person for years.

However, it is important to remember that positivity is an important element towards exuding a positive attitude. Let go of the past, be courageous enough to forgive and put your brave smile on. It might help you find your Prince Charming!

Sanabil Javed

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved the way how you connected affiars thingy with that of truck art ❤️ 👍🏼
    As Truck Art itself is a way of promoting love.
    Absolutely brilliant ✌️


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