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‘Mom, can I wear your lipstick?’ asked my five-year-old niece as we were all getting ready to go out for a dinner.

My sister refused her. My niece still kept on insisting her mother till we left the house and were on our way to the destination. But there was something that had me pondering over later that night. When I was my niece’s age what appealed me was a Chicky Meal at McDonald’s and the gift toy along with it. This was the description of a happy life back then. But now things have changed to a large extent.

Nearly every day while travelling to university in public buses I come across girls who have put on so much make up that makes them look horrible. It seems like girls have started to think that they will be socially unacceptable if they go out bare faced. I remember when I was at school, we were not even allowed to make a front braid. As that would look like we are part of a ‘fashion show’, this is how they used to call it. But look at the school girls now. They are so perfect with the contouring and the winged eyeliner. Oh my God. And even on the exam days they wouldn’t step out of the house without applying a kohl eye pencil and Maybelline Baby Lips.


I feel like asking them, ‘Considering all the difficult sums and theorems in Mathematics, do you still have time to apply all that?’

That reminds me of my days in college. It was my Maths paper and I was very worried. All I could do to look not-so-horrible was to iron my uniform nicely and put my hair in to a bun. My Islamiat teacher stopped me while I was on my way to the class and inquired me ‘Unzela, what’s up with your hair today?’ And all I could reply was ‘Ma’am, I have my Maths exam today’. It summed it up.

Makeup is something which should be strictly checked by the mothers I suppose. If you let your young girls have a makeup bag from a young age, you are spoiling her. There are many others things a girl can play with and enjoy, but giving her all of your leftovers and lipstick shades that you no longer use is not the right thing to do.

I have seen many makeup tutorials by little girls for day to day natural make up on YouTube and that takes me by surprise. At such a tender age, they are getting their way in doing a natural makeup. Sigh.

My mom still restricts me from applying some lipstick shades. Even today I have to ask her when using some beauty product and I feel completely comfortable with that.

Beauty products such as mascara, eye shadow and foundation reportedly have been found to contain chemicals which can be linked to conditions such as cancer, infertility and hormone imbalance.

The study carried out by The Environmental Working Group, found the younger a girl was when she started using make-up, the greater the danger.

It’s more than we think. For young girls, the whole world of makeup is fraught with things like feelings of attractiveness, sexuality and growing up. They consider it as a magic wand to make themselves look pretty and as a tool for making boys getting attracted towards them. Obviously, we cannot expect young girls to act ‘maturely’ and this is how they end up thinking.

This is our responsibility as a mother, sister, or as an elder to stop all those young girls out there for relying on makeup to make them look beautiful. Beauty is only skin deep. That doesn’t mean that one should not wear makeup. One should wear it so that they do not scare the hell out of others.

But yes, they have got a lot more years to worry about whether they look pretty or not. Let them do something constructive till then!

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Syeda Unzela Mushtaq




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  1. Syeda Maha Iqbal says:

    This is So Good Unzela! 🙂
    What impressed me is that you chose to write about an issue that is not evn considered one..and so easily overlooked! And u described it so well 🙂 commendable(Y)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wardah jafri says:

    You pointed out the very neglected issue of our society. Ours little girls should be taught to be comfortable with being themselves without the need of having a Beyonce look. Indeed, a very good article.


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