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You must have probably wondered that, is love at first sight real? Some people say “they just knew” when they met the person who would become their boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. We have all met people like this and wonder why it hasn’t happened to us yet. Is it true? Is it possible to look at someone and get a feeling that you two will be together forever. Nowadays most of the people say that they have experienced love at first sight. It has been noticed that majority of the bachelors are falling for a totally strange person. Many people have experienced online dating and they think that the person they are talking to, will be theirs forever but unfortunately this doesn’t happen in every case.

If we specifically talk about Pakistan, here teenagers are more desperate in being in a relationship. Without knowing each other people are so obsessed to be in a relationship. People find some kind of charm and attraction being in such relations that actually don’t mean anything. Different people have different point of views for such kind of relationships.

I really don’t know any specific or appropriate name for this. First of all the questions that arrives in my mind are, how a girl can get so close to a stranger? Isn’t this wrong? Why the girl is being so insane for an ordinary guy? Why is she considering herself like any princess that only exist in the stories? Why is she living in the fantasy world?

While thinking of all this I always get confused and puzzled and I couldn’t find the answer of my questions. On the other hand my friends told me that these unnamed and useless relationships are trending these days tremendously, people are falling for each other for no reason, they think by watching someone online or by talking with them the whole day and night is love and they can survive with each other for the rest of the life but sadly this doesn’t happen.

A very close friend of mine has experienced the so-called-relationship which was not less than a mental torture and emotional drama for her. My friend and her ex met online, they were strangers and they started random chats, slowly and gradually they became friends, more or less in a month they use to talk daily, and after few days they thought that they were in love. My friend thought that a guy is giving her his time and taking care of her so maybe he is the Mr.Right for her whom she had been waiting for so long. Things were too good and were getting pretty serious, they dated a few months.

One day that guy stopped returning her texts and calls. He told my friend that he can’t talk to her anymore. This went on for almost three months until she found the actual reason of such intense ignorance. He was just waiting for the breakup. He blocked her from every social media site and he changed his number and left her for no valid reason. This made my friend a severe patient of depression and anxiety, she left her university because she thought that she wasn’t able to face people around her. After few days that guy was spotted with another girl living his life without any guilt and shame. This was the biggest regret of my friend’s life that she trusted that person and let him play with her feelings.


The main purpose of writing and sharing this story was that these days we shouldn’t trust anybody with our feelings because you never know who is praying for you and who is playing with you. One should be strong enough to tackle this very situation.

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Lubaba Hasan


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  1. TOoba khan says:

    I agree with you. But there are many psychological and environmental reasons for this. Teens and young adults usually fall for this. Which means it is a matter of age. Next, our media promotes pre marital heterosexual attration a lot. Whatever the theme is, there is always a love affair. Nice effort to make us realise that life is not a fairy tale.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Totally Agreed With Your point of U Nd its Quite Common In our society.. To be very Honest may be Bachelor’s have no idea Difference Between CRush Nd Love..


  3. HF says:

    Now this is something what people should think about actually, what boys are doing with girls or maybe girls are doing with the boys *The bad part is that their children will face the same*
    Great effort


  4. rimshaiftikhar says:

    Lubaba amazing job (Y) the best theme ever.And I’m adding that Nowadays having a boyfriend and a girlfriend is becoming a trend and even our religion (ISLAM) is totally against of it..


  5. Fatimah khan yousafzai says:

    Keep yourself for someone who deserves you.I know it’s a beautiful feeling to be loved and cared by always pleased us somehow..but its more difficult to survive alone when someone stops bothering you suddenly..these relationships is risky business.You lose your character for someone who might leave you some day.You are not pretty sure that whts going to be happen spends many day,months and years on such believes…
    Well, for being a Muslim,its totally haram to be in any relationship. No one is trustworthy nowadays except your family members…just keep one thing in mind..stop chasing and stop running after those things that weakened your Emaan,that are the reasons of disobeying Allah’s commands..because someone rightly said that ” if you leave something very special and something that is very close to your heart for the sake of Allah,He will definitely reward you something more beautiful and beyond your imaginations”


  6. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree 👍👍 now a days feelings Nd love is just like a *gudda guddi ka khel* 😞😞 hope every girl got message from this story 😞


  7. Iqraazim says:

    Same are my thoughts man! Glad to see you with the same reviews and believes.
    These all are temporary attractions just a sign that you’re growing up, nothing else. People do so-called relationships and think they are serious but actually they aren’t and then they disturb their mental peace and their lives. They don’t even think about their families and the haram concept we have in our religion about this.
    A very good piece of writing, Lubaba! And a much needed topic. Highly appreciated! 💪


  8. Anonymous says:

    Teenagers now adays should avoid such kind of drama and dating and chatting whole night meana we are in love its damn bullshit
    Unless its there time to focus on their future ,
    Good work Lubaba
    Totally agreed


  9. Unknown says:

    Agreed with ur each statement (y)
    Same thoughts (y)
    actually our media has spoiled generation..
    Plus Due to less attention from. family makes the child psychology disturbed thats why he/she are involved in this typs of shit..:3
    May Allah save all the boys and girls from this shaitan game .:’)
    keep.writing *-*


  10. sannia says:

    Very well written as this is one of the major issue these days finding the so called Mr.Right Or Ms.Right thing Online.this is soo very true that one doesn’t even know who is praying for them or who is playing with them


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