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Over two thousand years ago, work began on the world’s first light house. The order to build it came from the king of Egypt. He wanted it to be the first, the biggest, and the best lighthouse the world had ever seen.

Thousands of workers were brought to a small island off the coast of Egypt, where the lighthouse was to be placed. It took many years before their work was finished. First, they had to lay down a large square building on which to put the lighthouse tower. When the tower was finished, it stood over 150 meters high .It had eight sides and was made using white marbles. At the top of this great tower was the lantern of the lighthouse. And on top of the lantern was a huge bronze statue of the Sun-God. What a sight it must have been!


All along the day a bright fire kept burning in the round lantern of the light house wood for which fire was carried to top by means of a lift which went up through the center of tower. It was a lift operated by water power- it is another invention of the clever Egyptians. But the most brilliant idea of all was they used a big mirror to reflect the light from the fire out across the sea. It was said that the light could be seen for 45 kilometers. During the day, the great white lighthouse was a fine landmark for any sailors at sea. During the night, the powerful beam of light helped to guide ships and to warn them of the rocks along the coast.

Egypt’s lighthouse became known all over the ancient world and was listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It stood for almost fifteen hundred years until it was finally destroyed by an earthquake. Sadly, there is hardly any trace of the lighthouse today.

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Nazia Batool


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