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This social gap decides our ultimate future

Have you ever thought what would become of your life if you fulfill your long-desired-dream of acquiring higher education and then look up for a suitable job but as you reach at that point, a bitter realization comes your way that you are not going to make it to your target because you don’t have power or you don’t have contacts with those in power and all of a sudden your dreams are shattered?
What would you do?

A few days ago, I was travelling in an auto rickshaw along with my mother when it suddenly broke down and stopped. While the driver was fixing the problem, he started telling us about himself.

He told us that he is an engineer who graduated from a renowned university but due to lack of employment opportunities, was forced to become an auto rickshaw driver since he was the sole bread-winner and had to support his family of eight.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Is this the fate of our educated youth? Where are we headed? My eyes moistened up and I could feel the pain of the driver.

There is so much of disparity in the social classes of our society and the quality of education available to them. We have in our midst families that are really poor, but work hard just to educate their children. What good is their hard work, when in the end we have engineers becoming auto rickshaw drivers?

As I travel to university by public transport, I come across people who are struggling really hard and every other day they go to far off places to drop their CVs in a vague expectation that they might get a good job. Little do they know that those in power have all the control and things like ‘sources’ and ‘links’ still exists in our society.

And then on the other hand we have people who have not been through all the hardships yet they end up sitting in air conditioned rooms having less to do.

A distant relative of mine went abroad after completing his A levels here in Karachi, not more than a year and a half passed since he has been there and in that short span of time he has come to visit Karachi almost six to seven times. I wonder what sort of fancy life is that!

Consider a boy of some poor family going abroad for higher studies ….. that would have meant so much of sacrifice and compromise. His father would have put his lifetime savings on stake or his mother would have sold out her most treasured gold bangles to make sure that the son doesn’t miss the chance.

And that poor boy’s story doesn’t end there. As soon as he completes his studies he looks forward to getting a handsome job. He knows that back at home he has five sisters of his’ whom he has to honorably marry off. At the same time that distant relative of mine would have nothing to worry about except that when he will return after completing his studies, his very-much-concerned mom would look for a compatible match for her son.

What a dismaying difference. At one end you see people who are so well off that their children do not have to worry about their studies or anything else. To study or not to study wouldn’t matter to them because they know somewhere in their mind that they have got their father’s ‘business’ to take over. Life to them is a piece of cake whilst there are others who burn the midnight oil to reach their destinations and even then they face hurdles till the end.

Our society is chiefly governed by the powerful. The person who has money and power thinks that they can edge over another human being. He doesn’t have to worry about the ration or the income whilst the poor who works very hard to make ends meet doesn’t know the uncertainties that will haunt him in the future.

This is a stark reality of our society. The deserving aren’t getting jobs and the non deserving are on high posts due to their so-called ‘sources’ and ‘links’. This behavior needs to be examined properly otherwise we can only sit and watch idly without expecting any change to occur until we wouldn’t be able to even raises our voices, for it will then be too late to pay any heed to it.


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Syeda Unzela Mushtaq



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