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While going through my news feed the other day, I came across a post by one of my Facebook friends. As I gave it a read, I beamed with happiness realizing the fact that at least some school in Karachi had the heart to talk about the most-neglected-issue that prevails in our society, through a circular of theirs just when the exams are around the corner.

You too, have a look. Here it is,


I know that every parent love their child, they have without any doubt invested a lot in their child and they want to see a return of the investment. But we need to understand that every child is different and unique in his/her own way.

Some of the children are inclined towards art and music. While the others are not-so-good at their studies and are able to pull only a C at the end of their yearly exams. On the other hand, there are some who are good at sports, can play a piano nicely as well as pass their exams with flying colors. So you see, here lies the difference which only few people happen to realize.


Parents expect their children to excel in all areas of life because they invest so much in them. I have even see parents who compare their children to one another. Although in an attempt to motivate their children they unconsciously end up demoralizing them by passing comments such as,

“Your brother is such a good football player, why can’t you be like him?”

“Why can’t you get A’s in Maths, just like your little sister?”

This is how parents belittle their children and this might also rouse up bitter feelings for their siblings because they might think they are the ones who have made them look bad.

Let’s take the example of the genius, Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first electric bulb.


One day he came home and handed over a paper to his mother. He told her that his teacher had given it to him and told him to give it only to his mother.

His mother’s eyes welled up as she read the letter out loud to her child,

Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn’t have enough good teachers for training him. Please teach him yourself.

 After a long time, when his mother had died and he had become one of the greatest inventors of all times, while looking through some old family things he found a letter which read as,

Your son is addled [mentally ill]. We won’t let him come to school any more.

     Edison cried for hours and then he wrote the most heart-touching lines ever written down,

“Thomas Alva Edison was an addled child that, by a hero mother, became the genius of the century.” 

To be honest, I, myself became teary eyed quoting Edison and his Hero Mother. His mother’s positive outlook had made him what he was otherwise he was mercilessly labeled as an “addled child” by his school teacher.

A mother had changed the future of her son. You and I can also do this. Be it a mother or a father, every individual should learn to accept children just the way they are. They might take some time to unwrap their hidden talents, but when they do, they will surely amaze us-and even the people around us!

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Syeda Unzela Mushtaq





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