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Some people want to be famous, some want to be successful but all I want is just to be happy. Happiness is something very rare. People say money can’t buy happiness but some say that money can buy happiness like buying food or expensive make up etc etc. But in my case, if I’m upset, even food fails to lighten up my mood.

Basically, you can distract yourself by eating or hanging out or buying stuff you like but you can’t be happy.

Happiness is that something you feel after helping someone or that feeling of joy you get when someone is happy because of you. Oh my! That priceless feeling. Sometimes a single text from your friend can make you happy. When Allah grants your wishes and that state of tranquility and bliss to know that Allah hears you, understands you. Believe me the mystics we know in the world have experienced a state of joy that we haven’t had even for a second. Joy is when you get to know that you have misunderstood someone and you gradually get to know that they are just the opposite of what you were thinking of them. Joy is when you get the most unexpected surprises. Joy is in taking risks with your friends and travel with them to unusual places within your town maybe. You see happiness does not depend on money. This materialistic world that we are living in is full of bitter people, everyone is in want of what other person has, and sincerity is rare. We need to remind ourselves the importance of love, generosity and kindness. Yes that’s the world that we should be living in but sadly we are not.

Simple words can make someone happy and sometimes expensive gifts fail to do that.

Nageen Jawed


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  1. Hareem says:

    Money is important at its place and happiness is important at its place, these both r different things no one can take any onez place … but yes not all the happiness can buy from money… πŸ™‚


  2. maham fatima says:

    money is just like a dirt on your hand it will there as long as you are willng to work .. it can’t buy happiness at all but yeahh its depend upon pupils what kind of happiness they talk about πŸ˜‰ eg : achi university mai addmission laikar khushi hogi money is required (Y)


  3. mahek mateen says:

    Somehow agree with it but money is important if we have money we can help others to make them hapPy and to make ourself hapPy too.


  4. azka umamah says:

    Agreed 200%.
    Money really can’t buy the real happiness.
    Nd by real happiness what i mean is the happiness of soul(spiritual happiness)
    Which makes your soul happy and peacefull.
    This is the real happiness which can’t be bought with money.
    Its comes when u get connected with your God,you do good for others,you get happy by seeing others happy.
    You can see an example in sufi nd saints.:)


  5. gohar alam says:

    kisi ko khush karnay k laiy its not necessory k money s hi help ho acha ikhlaq rakhany s bhi log apse khush hotay hain … paisa ani jani cheez hai dont make money as a underlying happiness


  6. stella says:

    very sorry to say that we are living in the world full of materialistic addicted peoples they don’t even know real meaning of love generosity and kindness the thing they only undrstand is language of money they believe in this statement ” bhaae paisa bolta ha”
    sorry but its bitter truth


  7. farina says:

    I totally agree with it money can only fulfill our basic needs but we can’t buy happiness. Our good deeds and simple words or sometimes memories of good time will bring happiness but in the world of today money is essential but can’t buy happiness.


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