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Every passing day we see a lot of changes in our fashion trends from hair band to the sandles. Every woman wants to make her closets up to date.

Here I am giving some top trend fashion tips which are popular these days,

  • Add glam to yourself this season by wearing medium-length or short-length fitted shirts with shalwaars( tulip shalwaar also look cool and is trending highly now a days)
  • This season go with the floral prints and light colors( as there is no any indication of winters till the end of 2016 in Karachi :/ )
  • Screenshot_2016-10-16-20-10-44-1.png
  • Palazzo pants that is becoming so popular among young girls. For the formal look go with loose chiffon shirts(with flapper sleeves) and palazzo pants with lower sides decorated with fancy laces or some embroidery patterns. It looks beautiful and elegant and  is suitable for all the seasons.
  • Screenshot_2016-10-16-20-28-21-1.png


  • Khussa is one of the most popular item specially in Pakistan. It represents the culture of Punjab also. It gives traditional look with churi daar and long-gota work dupatta. Go with the colorful hand-made khussas for casual look or for mehndi/ mayun functions.Screenshot_2016-10-16-20-24-41-1.png
  • For the big events like shadi biyah go with the trendy gold-colored jhumkas and shiny velvet bangles. Best thing about these bangles they are unbreakable.
  • Multi-colored gota karrhas are also in and eye catching.Screenshot_2016-10-16-20-16-15-1.png

Comment below to share how you are planning to get ready for your next event 🙂


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Sanabil Javed

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