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Roaming around and thinking at what should be my last blog that has inspiration and joy and then I decided why not to write a blog on the most talented, hardworking and the artistic “Lady” of Mass Communication’s department, why not to show and talk about the hidden talent of Mass Communication department.

Before I disclose the name of that lady and the conversation with her, take a look on her artwork.









Art is my passion. I’m fond of drawing because it helps me forget about all my tension and it fills me with exciting questions and makes me happy. Art has been, and continues to be, the main outlet for my feelings. When I’m depressed, melancholy expressions overwhelm my drawings. Frustration or rage is highlighted by shades of red or bright orange. A distorted face done in the cubist style of Picasso shows up in drawings made in times of astronomic bliss, while a more impressionist style comes out when I am particularly pensive.

“Art is my life, a passion within me.” – Fariya Azhar



  • What are you working on currently that excites you?

Fariya: Nowadays I started working on my passion of art as a Profession. Recently, I am running my art page on facebook through which many customers contact me and pay me for the sketches and craft work they want to make.On the other hand, I am working on my goal that is to share inspirational stuff from around the world. Also, highlight the problems our society is facing nowadays through my art skills.

  • Where do you think your creativity comes from?

Fariya: From nature. I observe things from the nature which enhance my creativity. Nature attracts me a lot. People see things in a common way but I see things and observe them in a different way. Secondly, from my father. He taught me how to draw, how to observe things from the nature, how one can become such a creative person, how by using simple or common stationary stuff one can draw such beautiful drawings.

  • Are you inspired by anything new?

Fariya: I always get inspired by something new. Every-time, I try my best to come up with the new ideas, new thoughts and new themes. This is the reason that I am always in search of new ideas which gives me inspiration.

  • What kind of art is unappealing to you?

Fariya: Sketches of celebrities. Many people have convinced me to draw a sketch of their favorite celebrity. But I prefer to draw something colorful, something different which is related to nature, some inspirational stuff.

Not only in art, also in life I am never get impressed or attracted by any celebrity. I am a girl who loves philosophy, who gets attracted towards nature, whose best-friends are plants and who is impressed by a bunch of balloons. That is my simple life, my passion of art and I love to draw these things.

  • If there were a magic power you could use in your art making, what would it be?

Fariya: 3D work.

  • What is the best way to learn how to draw?

Fariya: The best way to learn how to draw is observation. The more you observe the things, the more you draw the things.

  • You’re currently studying Journalism so how do you keep a regular drawing habit?

Fariya:  I don’t have regular drawing habit. Whenever I get upset, I used to pick a piece of plain paper and a sharp pencil, put the headphones on and completely lost myself in the world of art.

  • What do you mainly focused while you’re sketching?

Fariya: I have mainly focused on the neatness while making a sketch.

  • What is a good book to learn the basics of drawing?

Fariya: I haven’t read a single book to learn the basics of drawing. In fact I haven’t take any classes of it. Whatever I draw just because of my interest and my passion for art.

  • Okay so last but not the least, In your opinion what Role does the Artist have in Society?

Fariya: We live in a society and we do have some social responsibility. An artist is the role model for a society. Hence his work can made a lot of impact to the society. An artist can help the society in finding the solution of the problem through his artwork. He can make people aware about the issues which are affecting the society and what we need to do.

Image Source:

  • Fariya’s artwork.


Harmain Khan


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  1. Marvi says:

    It’s just mesmerizing i really love her work keep it up fariya for more creative work and harmain to write such a nice piece and show us our dept’s hidden talent. 😊


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