A Sigh Of Love


Theme: A Sigh of Love

The Battle of Egos

Love !!! How would you describe love? Well, love to me is indescribable and inexpressible.

I have made several attempts to describe this felling but still I don’t understand what love exactly is??? But I am sure about one thing that, to me love will remain a mystery forever.

According to me, love is easy to experience but every hard to define.

Well! I would strongly disagree that the feelings of love are the most valuable, prestigious feeling, among all human beings. In fact I say, love is occupied by a great number of terms and conditions.

Being a mature girl, I have noticed in my daily routine that love is parallel to expectations. Love means to expect to be cared, love means to be understood by the other person but all these things are quite different from reality.

Being a realistic, I would say that love contains none of the above qualities.

The criterion to be loved by the “man” is to prepare yourself for compromises, for the long-lasting sacrifices with a great deal of tolerance.

“Love you baby”, “missing you” etc… are few quite fake words in the world of so called love.

The driving force behind the love is totally dependent on the compromises and sacrifices, usually offered by the woman, in the eastern world. Therefore I strongly believe that love is always one sided, in which women has to be ready for sacrifices in to order to quench the thirst of so called “ego” of man.

Love is the battle of egos. We’re still not mature enough to exactly understand, what the love is, but the sure thing is love demand sacrifices, and would hurt you thousand times.

Well! I don’t believe in love, the reason is, there is no one in the world to care about you, no one to rely on because “He” is there for himself and you have to pick the moment and the make it “super” for “him” in order to make your moment “the real moment”.

Finally I can say that love is the battle of egos, if you have a sensitive heart and at the same time you want to be loved by “him”/”her” then you are in the wrong place.