The Way I See It

The stakes were high
The elections were near
As the enemy put Kashmir on fire
They all organized a session to ice out the pyre

They claimed the session was about unity
So they all grouped themselves into one community
The community passed a resolution
Condemning rights violations and Indian terror

Now they were all free to go home
For they had finally done their job
Back to home, they all went
And started tweeting against each other like rats

Kashmir still kept burning
All the while they kept tweeting
However some Kashmiris were happy
For the session hadn’t turned out like the one that was usually funny

The claimed that the nation was United on the issue of Kashmir
The other issues however didn’t need unanimity, unison or such peace
Poverty, Illiteracy, injustice, ethnic violence and terrorism
Were issues provincial and not just federal

A poor man in Larkana or a poor man in Okara
Didn’t really care as long as they had a roti to feed to their ahle khana
Kapra and Makan, they didn’t really expect from a patwari
For the three things combo was only promised by Zardari

The stakes were still high
And the elections were still near
As Altaf Hussain uploaded a video
Hoping to kiss away all Kashmir kids tear’s